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Fixing Your Leaky Roof

A leafy roof might be the most common call that a roofing company will receive. Matter of fact, it is the most often term used when people search for a roofing company. Do we do this type of work? Of course we do, and we do a mighty fine job. A leafy roof might seem like a minor issue, but allow water to enter any space long enough, and it will cause a lot of trouble. It is better to call us in as soon as you notice a leak because the longer you wait, the more damage your home will face. Longer equals more expensive. So, call in a professional now, and don’t wait until you have more expensive damage.

Repairing Your Roof To Sell Your Home

Home inspections typically lead to news that home sellers do not want to hear. Often that news is about all the repairs they need. Inspectors seem to always find faults with roofs, and that is when a roofing contractor is called in. Sometimes we come with good news, sometimes bad, but anyway it goes we come to do a great job. If you are selling your home and need a professional assessment of what can and should be done, then give us a call.

Storm Damage

It seems like we are having more storms than ever, and more calls to our office are about storm damage. It could be from hail, high winds, tornados, a few days or weeks or rain, and that old roof just isn’t in good shape. We are definitely storm repair and replacement specialists, and a large percent of our work are these calls.

Maybe It Is Just Old

Maybe your house is just really old, and so is your roof. A lot of times a roofing contractor gets called out for all types of minor jobs that ends up being a huge job. Old houses tend to have these problems. Maybe your house is just really old and your decision is to go for a ton of minor repairs, or just solve it all in one go. This is an economic decision for a lot of people, and sometimes holding things together with minor repairs is all they can do. It is our job to tell you everything, and all your options.

Repair vs Replace

There are two ways to look at replacing vs repairing. The first idea everyone has is to save themselves money, and this is important. There are times when repairing is the right economic choice, and when structurally it is also the right choice because a repair will last a significant amount of time. You must replace when repairing will not solve the problem long enough to make economic sense, or when repairing will not be structurally sound. If a roof is really bad, a repair will not last long, and in the end replacement will be needed. When this happens a customer pays twice: first for the repair they didn’t need, then again for the replacement, they did need. The best advice is to get multiple inspections and quotes.

Who To Hire

Who should you hire to handle your roof repair? Should it be the cheapest or the most expensive company? Should it be the company you see advertising everywhere? We doubt that you are honestly looking for a cheap roof repair, but probably a good value. Perhaps we need to define value? Value is getting excellent service at an affordable price. Your roof is too important to have it cheaply repaired. Big company vs a small company? It doesn’t matter. What matters is their reputation and if they can get the job done at the right price. The right price is determined by your local market.

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How To Hire

In the last section, we talked about who to hire, but now we talk about how to fire the right company. This is something we commonly talk about because it helps people find the right company for the job. We obviously believe that we are the right company for the job, but the things that we list here are universal traits that any good company should have. Roofers who are high quality will have an excellent reputation. These roofers will have tons of positive reviews and happy customers. When you get them on the telephone, they will answer your questions and give you their professional insight. Look for a company who has these values.